Transforming Your Company into an Organization of Improvers

Powerful Continuous Improvement Technology for High-Speed Manufacturers

Engage your people in improving performance in the direction of your company's strategic imperatives


Evolve beyond randomly applying Lean tools and making improvements in areas that aren't needed, resulting in depletion of resources and lackluster results. Develop an organization where everyone understands the company's strategic objectives and are equipped with the skills, motivation, and tools to drive the business toward success.

Deploy Strategy & Engage Your Workforce


Gain clarity on what your company needs to achieve and ensure alignment of objectives throughout your organizations. Also leverage Impruver's powerful platform for coaching and developing talent needed for your company's future

Improve Performance Using the Scientific Method


Practice (KATA) to create a culture of problem-solving and smart experimentation using Impruver's cutting-edge PDCA process to drive for action and results against your company's strategic imperatives

Monitor Results and Celebrate Success


Just watch how your Continuous Improvement efforts show up in real business results. And keep up with each and every breakthrough performance with live notifications, the Better Everyday Wall, and other employee engagement features

Web-based interface allows for greater mobility and bench-marking industry data


Impruver gives you a completely mobile platform for driving World-Class manufacturing execution. You have unrestricted access to your team's current and historical performance. Use Impruver to help facilitate performance review meetings, make on-the-fly management decisions, and help to build the business case for major Capital expenditures. This tool provides the crucial information needed to drive your Continuous Improvement Initiative such as Lean, Six Sigma, Agile Manufacturing or other Performance Improvement engagements.

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